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What is the biggest piece of carpet you can edge? 
3mx3m is generally the largest piece I can edge but very thick or heavy carpets may require a smaller size. This doesn’t apply to stair runners which can be much longer as long as they are not wider than 1.5m. 
Do the pieces need to be the correct size before dropping them off? 
Yes, I can square off smaller pieces for a small charge but bigger and shaped pieces must be cut to your specifications before delivery to me. 
I need my carpets/stair runners urgently, how soon can I get them back? 
My turnaround time can be 24hrs if pre-arranged and the pieces are dropped off and collected at my Tadcaster workroom. 
Does the edging affect the size of the carpet? 
No, the edging will have no significant impact on the size of the carpet, important for shaped pieces going into boats or caravans. 
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